Monday, February 15, 2010

More random

I was trying to get Tyler to make a decision tonight about what he wanted to make for his treat for Family Night. As he was supposed to be thinking I heard him turning pages in a book. I asked him, "Tyler, how can you decide while you're reading a book?" He quickly told me, "Mommy, because I have a big brain!"


Recently I've been hearing of different superstitious things the elementary kids try to do to make it snow. Apparently one of those is wearing your pjs inside out. I had forgotten that when Karena came downstairs last night wearing her pjs inside out. This morning we woke up to snow on the ground. She informed me that it was because she wore her pjs inside out. I smiled and didn't think much of it.

We had plans for that day that got canceled because of the snow. When I told all the kids we wouldn't be going, Hannah and Tyler were disappointed but Karena looked devastated. "Mommy, its all my fault." I was shocked and my heart sunk. I didn't want to crush her little girl dream that she created the snow but I also didn't want her to feel responsible for ruining our plans for the day. We had a conversation about how Heavenly Father is really the only one that can make snow. She was okay but still upset. Trying to keep things light I told her, "Karena, it doesn't matter whether you wear your pjs right side out, inside out or upside down." All three kids stopped what they were doing and in unison laughing, screamed, "UPSIDE DOWN!!!" All was well after that.

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