Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Dancing and Patriotism

I finished watching the ice dancing competition last night. It was amazing. Team USA and Team Canada were phenomenal. (As a side note for all you who think ice dancing is hokey, lame, wimpy, etc: Try tossing and successfully catching your best friend up into the air while she is twisting and turning and all the while you are speeding along on two skinny blades.)

As I watched the Canadians skate I could see and feel the emotion involved not just from being at the Olympics but from skating for their country in their country. Scott Moir said it was like all of Canada was on the ice with them. I can't imagine what it must be like to know your whole country is rooting for you and cheering you on.

I believe in Patriotism - in being so in love and devoted to my country that I would give my all for it. I love the United States of America. I believe this country was formed by the Hands of God who lead good and righteous men here. They had a belief that something greater could be accomplished.

What could our country accomplish if we would all stand together and be united? If we were rooting for one cause and cheering each other on? I imagine greatness and miracles would take place. Unfortunately I see division and contention quickly creeping into all aspects of our country. I am truly scared of the direction we are headed. We need change. We need a mighty and purposeful change. I believe in what this country could be and in some ways what it once was. There are good people all over this country quietly living their lives praying that things will be okay for them and their families. There are a handful of righteous and God-fearing people trying to make changes. But a handful won't accomplish much alone. We need to be united and stand together, devoted to a country that can be great.

Monday, February 15, 2010

More random

I was trying to get Tyler to make a decision tonight about what he wanted to make for his treat for Family Night. As he was supposed to be thinking I heard him turning pages in a book. I asked him, "Tyler, how can you decide while you're reading a book?" He quickly told me, "Mommy, because I have a big brain!"


Recently I've been hearing of different superstitious things the elementary kids try to do to make it snow. Apparently one of those is wearing your pjs inside out. I had forgotten that when Karena came downstairs last night wearing her pjs inside out. This morning we woke up to snow on the ground. She informed me that it was because she wore her pjs inside out. I smiled and didn't think much of it.

We had plans for that day that got canceled because of the snow. When I told all the kids we wouldn't be going, Hannah and Tyler were disappointed but Karena looked devastated. "Mommy, its all my fault." I was shocked and my heart sunk. I didn't want to crush her little girl dream that she created the snow but I also didn't want her to feel responsible for ruining our plans for the day. We had a conversation about how Heavenly Father is really the only one that can make snow. She was okay but still upset. Trying to keep things light I told her, "Karena, it doesn't matter whether you wear your pjs right side out, inside out or upside down." All three kids stopped what they were doing and in unison laughing, screamed, "UPSIDE DOWN!!!" All was well after that.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Randomness

Tyler: Mommy, I'll get prickly someday.
Mommy (quickly realizing he was talking about growing facial hair): Yep, one day you will.
Tyler: And someday you'll get prickly, too, Mommy.
Mommy (hoping and praying that won't actually happen): No, Mommy won't get prickly.


On the way home from school on Thursday Tyler started repeating over and over, "Guten Tag, Guten Tag, Guten Tag." I asked him what that word meant. He told me, "Guten Tag is a great word to use in baseball."

He also learned konnichi wa, hola, and bonjour. It was cute to hear him all afternoon saying those words to himself.


John gave Hannah a bath Saturday night. He finished and left for a minute to get a towel. When he returned Hannah was about in tears. He asked her what was wrong.

Hannah (said in a very concerned tone): My arm tooted.
John: Oh that's okay. They do that sometimes.
Hannah (said in a even more concerned and tearful tone): No its not okay. MY. ARM. TOOTED!!!

John went on to explain that he used to make his arm do that on purpose to make people think he'd really tooted. She apparently thought that was pretty funny and cheered up pretty quickly.