Saturday, May 24, 2008

The New Job

Lately I've been feeling unsettled. Nothing particular I could put my finger on. The clutter in my house has been driving me nuts. Little irritating noises having been bothering me more. The kids whining has been harder to deal with. But none of that was the real issue. I just new our family needed a change. I went so far as to start contemplating moving, but could never come up with a place I'd like to go to that was as good or better than where we're at right now. I'd started imagining the worst - maybe something horrible was in my future. It was all very pathetic and frustrating. All I knew is I wanted that feeling gone!!!

Wednesday John interviewed for a new job. A set schedule where he would be home nights and weekends almost guaranteed. No out of town travel. No middle of the night phone calls to come into work after having worked 24 hours straight already. He was a little concerned with the pay cut (no more overtime) but I was convinced we could do it. So starting June 6 I will get to have my husband back. I never really had him to begin with. It will be so nice to have him belong to me and not his employer. He'll even be working with Dad at DuPont for a while. We're both so excited and ready for this change to take place.

And, guess what? The feeling is gone!