Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Square Foot Garden

For Christmas I asked for "Square Foot Gardening." (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Since then I have been pouring over the pages, making charts and notes, and convincing John that this was THE garden plan. Thankfully he decided to try it for me. Truthfully I think he did it just so he might have some help in the garden.

Square foot gardening (SFG) is a method that uses less space to grow more. John built us three 4x4 boxes. About two weeks ago we filled them with Mel's mix - a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and compost.

John also built us some mini greenhouses. Its great to have a handy husband!!

The next week we started planting with broccoli (the little bitty plants), carrots (what John's planting),

onions (This sprouted in just a week!!!),

lettuce, spinach and peas.

My lettuce seedlings.

Today I planted flowers (zinnia, freesia and blue bonnets) and some herbs (oregano, cilantro, and basil). John planted some potatoes. We still have to add tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers (bell and jalapeno) and corn.

I can't wait to start eating all the fresh vine ripened produce and the amazing fresh salsa I plan on making. If this works we plan on expanding for next year.