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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Month of Firsts - Part 3

Part 3 - Tyler's First Day of School

Tyler started back to preschool again this year. We've been really pleased with the school the past 2 years and we were excited to send Tyler back again this year. Tyler was a little hesitant to go as usual. He even told us he didn't want to go to school. He tends to get nervous when anything changes or is different. But he went. John and I both took him and walked him into school.

Outside the school looking a little shaggy. He was looking forward to his haircut after school.

Sitting in his chair at school.

So far we've had Ms. Julie, Ms. Brandi, Ms. Darlene, and now Ms. Lori. Every single teacher has been perfect for our children in the year they were with them. I'm excited to see how much Tyler will grow in Ms. Lori's class. He's already brought home school work that I've been amazed at. He's working on writing his name and not just his "T." He's got T's down pat. This last week the class worked on writing I's. He even remembered how to write upper and lower case at home. (My kids tend to forget what they learned in school that day by the time they walk out of the school doors.) Those I's are now prominently displayed on the fridge.

Oh, by the way, Tyler whispered to me in the car on the way home that first day, "Mommy, I had fun."

A Month of Firsts - Part 2

Part 2 - The First School Project

The first project was to make a poster all about their family. I sat down with both of the girls and picked out and printed pictures of our family. John bought poster board. After cutting out all the
pictures and the mats I gave the girls each a glue stick and set them to work.

Is this really where I wanted everything?

They eagerly glued all the pictures to the mats and then after arranging them on the poster board themselves they glued those.

I wrote the names of everyone on post-its and had them copy them onto their posters.

Hannah's ready to work with her pencil behind her ear!

Even Tyler had to have a project to do.

Karena tracing over her pencil lines with crayon.

I was so proud of them for sticking with it and finishing the whole thing. Karena was actually sick while we made the posters.

Later when I came to visit the girls in their classroom I had a chance to look at the other kids posters. The other ones were great and I enjoyed seeing everyone's families. I noticed though that Karena's and Hannah's posters were the only ones that actually had their own handwriting on it. All the others had the parent's "help." I was even more proud of the girls for putting so much effort into their posters.

A Month of Firsts - Part 1

I'm going to start another series called "A Month of Firsts." I promise I will get back to my previous series. As usual I like to tackle as many things as I possibly can at the same time.

Part One: Kindergarten

Karena and Hannah finally started kindergarten. They were so excited! They'd been talking about kindergarten for about a year now. Every time we'd drive by there school they'd make a comment about how that was their school and they were going to be going there someday.

Well the big day finally came.

Tyler is just as excited as his sisters!

Amazingly enough we got out the door in time. School starts here at 7:30. Thankfully the school is less than a mile from our house so we don't have to go far. John took the day off and we all drove to school.

We walked them into their classroom

and showed them their seats.

We introduced them to their teacher.

Showed them their playground that is only for kindergartners and then it was time to say goodbye.

Karena was a little nervous.

Hannah's ready to start school!

We left and ran some errands. Their first day was only a half day so we picked them up after lunch. They were ready to go back the next day.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Karena quote

Karena, my kindergartner of two weeks, just said to me, "Mom, I wish it was the last day of college and it was all over forever."