Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Randomness

Tyler: Mommy, I'll get prickly someday.
Mommy (quickly realizing he was talking about growing facial hair): Yep, one day you will.
Tyler: And someday you'll get prickly, too, Mommy.
Mommy (hoping and praying that won't actually happen): No, Mommy won't get prickly.


On the way home from school on Thursday Tyler started repeating over and over, "Guten Tag, Guten Tag, Guten Tag." I asked him what that word meant. He told me, "Guten Tag is a great word to use in baseball."

He also learned konnichi wa, hola, and bonjour. It was cute to hear him all afternoon saying those words to himself.


John gave Hannah a bath Saturday night. He finished and left for a minute to get a towel. When he returned Hannah was about in tears. He asked her what was wrong.

Hannah (said in a very concerned tone): My arm tooted.
John: Oh that's okay. They do that sometimes.
Hannah (said in a even more concerned and tearful tone): No its not okay. MY. ARM. TOOTED!!!

John went on to explain that he used to make his arm do that on purpose to make people think he'd really tooted. She apparently thought that was pretty funny and cheered up pretty quickly.

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