Friday, September 09, 2011

Four Things Friday

1. Last Saturday, John went scouting for a good hunting spot. He came home covered in ticks too many to count and barely too small to see. That night he started getting itchy. After counting he discovered over 100 chigger bites. Needless to say he's been extremely uncomfortable all week.

2. Tonight John and Tyler are going to a Father-Son camp out. The girls and I are having our annual girls night. We plan on doing some shopping, eating out, and then coming home to paint our nails and drink Shirley Temples.

3. I read this awesome blog post yesterday that somewhat followed up on my last blog post.

4. I have a new calling in church now. I'm the new Primary Music Leader. I'm a little overwhelmed because my job right now is to prepare all the kids for the primary program. I still have one more song to teach them.

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