Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Things Friday

I didn't get any posts out last week. It was exceptionally busy. The end of last week was CRAZY!! Here's what we did:

1. Two doctors appointments for Granddad. The first I knew about well in advance. The second was sprung on me less than 24 hours before. BUT, it was for a good cause. We met with his orthopedic specialist and an orthopedic surgeon. The end of November he will have his first knee replaced.

If you know anything about my father-in-law then you know he's struggled with his knees for a while but its become critical in the past year. The man can withstand more pain than anyone I know so when he says his knees hurt I know he's not lying. After looking at the x-rays this week I'm amazed he's not confined himself to bed. His knees are rubbing bone on bone. Add in bone spurs and you have a recipe for pain. The miracle of all this is he still walks 2-4 miles a day. The surgery should take away most of the pain. He will most likely not get rid of his cane or walker but if he doesn't have his knees done he can expect to eventually become completely crippled.

November 28 is the big day!

2. Tyler had a Spar-wars tournament for Taekwondo. He did very well. He ended up placing 3rd and winning a medal. It was unknown territory for all of us. Even with a few nerves he stayed calm. He competed with kids his same belt class and age. There were 3 other boys in his group. It was double elimination, so he had to lose twice. He won his first match and lost his next two. To win a match they had to either get 5 points or have the most points when the time ran out. Tyler lost one match 1-0. He was disappointed that he didn't win a trophy but perked up when his coach told him he could bring his medal to class. He tried his best and did very well. We are all very proud of him.

Here's a video of his matches. Tyler is in the blue sparring gear and usually on the right. Ignore the clicking noises and the crazy woman
you can hear cheering in the background.

3. We attended a picnic for a local homeschool association. I was amazed at how many people were there. I knew a lot of people and recognized even more. I love homeschooling!

4. Tuesday I taught my Relief Society scripture class. We've been studying Alma and this class was on Alma 34-35. Chapter 34 is all about the Atonement. We discussed the Fall, how the Atonement is infinite and eternal, mercy and justice and how the ultimate expression of the atonement is charity for others. Here are some awesome quotes I found:

"We grow in two ways—removing negative weeds and cultivating positive flowers. The Savior’s grace blesses both parts—if we do our part. First and repeatedly we must uproot the weeds of sin and bad choices. It isn’t enough just to mow the weeds. Yank them out by the roots, repenting fully to satisfy the conditions of mercy. But being forgiven is only part of our growth. We are not just paying a debt. Our purpose is to become celestial beings. So once we’ve cleared our heartland, we must continually plant, weed, and nourish the seeds of divine qualities. And then as our sweat and discipline stretch us to meet His gifts, “the flow’rs of grace appear,” like hope and meekness. Even a tree of life can take root in this heart-garden, bearing fruit so sweet that it lightens all our burdens “through the joy of his Son.” And when the flower of charity blooms here, we will love others with the power of Christ’s own love." Bruce C. Hafen, "The Atonement: All for All"

"The final and most important doctrinal fallacy in the concept of checklist repentance is that by concentrating on our outward actions we tend to emphasize our efforts and ignore the cleansing power of Christ. This approach to repentance makes it appear as though a remission of sins is something obtained primarily by mortal effort. Such a view minimizes the miraculous Atonement of Jesus Christ and the grace of God that makes a remission of sins possible. If we focus all of our attention and efforts on the steps we must take to repent, we tend to overlook what He did to make repentance possible. A humanistic or mechanical approach to repentance promotes “pseudo self-reliance.” Relying only upon our own efforts robs us of the repentance-enabling power of Christ. Thus the worst danger of this superficial view of repentance is that it causes an unwitting but crucial oversight of the most important “R” of repentance—Redeemer." Brent L. Top, “Faith Unto Repentance” in A Book of Mormon Treasury: Gospel Insights from General Authorities and Religious Educators

"You must choose between being at one with God or with mammon; you cannot be one with both (see Matt. 6:24); the one promises everything in this world for money, the other a place in the kingdom after you have “endured the crosses of the world, and despised the shame of it,” for only so can you “inherit the kingdom of God, which was prepared for them from the foundation of the world,” where your “joy shall be full forever” (2 Ne. 9:18).

"The key to keeping this commandment is, of course, faith, and faith is never without hope (anticipating and envisioning the results), and neither of these is of the slightest avail without charity. (See Moro. 7:41–44.) So we pray with energy for charity, which seeks not its own self-interest. (See 1 Cor. 13:4–5.) For “this love which [God has] for the children of men is charity”; without it, there is no “place … prepared in the mansions of [the] Father” (Ether 12:34, 37)—that is to say, there is no atonement." Hugh Nibley

5. Wednesday night we had the missionaries over for dinner. We asked them what they wanted for dinner and they requested chicken fettuccine alfredo. I know it sounds less than humble but I made an awesome dinner!!! I ended up making Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo and Marinated Tomato and Cucumber Salad. For those coming to Christmas dinner at my house we'll be having the salad. It looked very festive!


Nicole said...

You must share your recipe for the tomato and cucumber salad. I love that salad, but have never attempted it at home. I like the 5 things Friday. It's easy when you're short on time. Maybe I'll steal that idea and post right now.

Rachel said...

Copy away cause I stole the idea from another site and she stole it from another site as well.