Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'll never learn.

A week or so ago Hannah came running into the kitchen screaming, "There's something poking me in my mouth!"  We looked inside and she had two teeth growing behind her two bottom baby teeth.  I called the dentist the next day and they had us come in to get the baby teeth pulled.  I guess if the baby teeth stay there too long the permanent teeth don't develop a good root structure. 

Well Wednesday after school I picked up the kids and we headed to the dentist.  Hannah threw up in the car just as we were about to get out to go inside.  I cleaned her up the best I could and in we went.  On a side note: I thought she was just nervous but after several more "incidents" at home I realized she had a stomach virus.  She acted just fine the rest of the visit.  They hooked her up to the snoopy nose/laughing gas.  She promptly got very giggly.  It was pretty funny.  They got the two teeth out without any problems. 

The following Saturday Karena came into the kitchen complaining something was poking her mouth, too.  Inwardly I groaned because sure enough she had a tooth coming in behind her baby tooth.  After 6 years, you think I would have thought to look in Karena's mouth before taking Hannah to the dentist, but no, no I didn't.  So Monday morning I called the dentist and made yet another appointment.  Thankfully hers came out with just some numbing gel.  I am quite grateful because it was a free visit, unlike Hannah's.  Although, Karena was disappointed because she didn't get a snoopy nose.

Both girls were excited to receive visits from the Tooth Fairy.  Karena had to remind Hannah to look for her Tooth Fairy money and Hannah had to remind Karena.  Sometimes they are so completely different and other times I think they share a brain.  Maybe one day I'll remember that.

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Ken_Atwood said...

Amazing what a missing tooth does to change your appearance. Thanks for sending.