Monday, January 18, 2010

From the back seat

Recently we were headed back from another doctor's appointment when the kids began talking about God. Tyler informed all of us that we were driving over God's hands because they were so big. They were invisible so we couldn't see them. I realized he was referring to the song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." I tried to explain the meaning behind the song and that it didn't really mean he was literally holding the world. I told him that God looked like a grown-up. That He was our Heavenly Father and He looked like a daddy.

This discussion of daddy's led to them discussing how many kids they wanted to have when they were married.

Hannah: "After you're married you get pregnant."

Tyler: "I'm going to wait a while after I get married to be pregnant."

Karena: "After you're married you have to go on a honeymoon. But I don't know why?"

Mommy: "Well, the two people getting married just want to take a special trip together."

Hannah: "To make new friends?"

Mommy: "No. They don't usually make new friends. They just want to spend time with each other."

Karena: "I want to get married in the summer so then I can go on a honeymoon to a carnival."


Maren said...

I liked Tyler's comment about waiting to be married to get pregnant best. :)

Amy said...

You're kids are hilarious!

The Miller's said...

ha ha ha too funny!!!!!