Thursday, October 09, 2008

Our Fall Break Stay-cation

Sunday we went to Conference up at Mom and Dad's ward building. The kids did pretty good. Tyler fell asleep during the last hour of the first session. We had a pot luck lunch there. Tyler was done after that so John took him back to Mom and Dad's house. As he was leaving he said, "Good, I don't like this place." I guess 4 hours is enough for any 4 yr old boy to be asked to be quiet and still. We should have sent the girls home as well. They couldn't sit still or be quiet for anything. I ended up letting them go play in a side room while I sat nearby in the foyer listening to conference. Tyler took another nap when he got back to the house. When informed that he would have to go to bed that night he told us, "I slept two times. I don't have to sleep ANYMORE!"

Monday we went to the Frist art museum. They have a kids area called Martin Artquest. Its a hands on experience for the kids to paint, sculpt, make prints, color, draw and imagine.

Here's some of the art the kids created while we were there. Tyler, as is his usual style, took about 10 of the stools you can see in the picture above and made a train track/tunnel with them. I guess art comes in many forms. (Tyler's are the 1st in each row, then Hannah's, then Karena's)

I think they all did a great job. We will definitely go back again and again.

Tuesday we planned to go the zoo. As we arrived it started pouring. We ducked into the gift shop to stay dry. Mom bought us all ponchos. The girls thought they were great. Tyler wore it because we told him to but was quick to take it off as soon as it stopped raining. We went to the indoor creepy crawly house. It has all the snakes, fish, bats (Mom's favorite, not really), spiders and my favorite the frogs. The only reason we got Mom in there was because of the rain. By the time we got done it had stopped raining. We were able to see the rest of the zoo without any more problems. The elephants were great. We got to watch one of them ripping branches and leaves off the trees and eating. It was pretty neat! The kids played on part of the playground for a little while. The rest was too wet. I promised them a return visit to play on the playground and go on the merry-go-round. It was under repairs this week. I think the kids had more fun climbing on the rope fences and climbing and trying to see through the observation telescopes like these:

I successfully convinced the kids I didn't have any money so I didn't have to drop a fortune into those things. They have them everywhere at the zoo.

We had a great stay-cation with Mom! Thanks Mom! Can't wait for the next one.

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Amy said...

I love the kids art! I really do, and that's good coming from a art "teacher" and art lover. Do you still have them?? Look up Wassily Kandinsky. They look almost exactly like some of his stuff and he's famous!!

I miss being at home with y'all. I want to go to the Frist and the zoo again. One day.