Friday, October 10, 2008

I am: mom, wife, friend, teacher, caregiver, babysitter, cook, maid
I think: an organized home will greatly reduce my stress levels
I know: how to digitally scrapbook
I want: to learn how to be a good knitter
I have: intelligent, happy children who like to do things their own way
I dislike: people who drive below the speed limit
I miss: the clean, good sitcoms when I was a kid
I fear: heights with no railings
I feel: good about not watching so much TV lately
I hear: my kids dancing to Imagination Movers
I smell: pancakes with syrup
I crave: chocolate
I cry: at sappy movies and when I am truly upset by something
I usually: have a book I'm reading
I search: for stuffed animals before bed way too much
I wonder: what we're having for dinner tonight
I regret: not taking more advantage of the opportunities I had growing up
I love: my family
I care: about who gets elected President
I always: get frustrated with my kids too easily
I worry: how my kids will ever survive public school
I am not: someone who loves to clean
I believe: that if you really want to change you can
I sing: to my kids before nap and bedtime every day
I don't always: kiss and hug my family enough
I argue: with my FIL too much
I write: more now than I used to
I win: at card games
I lose: every tickle war with John
I wish: I had our upstairs renovation done and not just in the planning stages
I listen: to way too many kids songs
I can usually be found: in the blue room on the computer or in the kitchen
I am scared: for the future of our country
I forget: to make important phone calls and put things in the mail
I am happy: when my kids are laughing and getting along
I am.......tagging you.


Amy said...

Love it!! It's funny, even though I am your sister I didn't know some of that stuff, and what is it with guys and tickling? I always lose too.

Cousin Nicole said...

This was a lot of fun to read. Why are you worried about your kids surviving public school? I've got plenty opinions about public school. You could always home school. :)