Sunday, January 27, 2013

The weekend o' fun!

Thursday we went and did some sight seeing.  We went and toured the St. George tabernacle.  We learned that the windows were shipped from the Atlantic Coast around the tip of South America to California where they were then carried by wagon load to St. George.  Out of the several thousand panes of glass none were broken in transit or installation.  We learned that Mitt Romney's great-great-great grandfather, Miles Romney, designed and built the spiral staircase.  It was remarkable because it has no center support and is only connected on the top and the bottom of the staircase.  We learned how they had to lower the balcony 5 feet and used 200 men to do it.  (If you want to know more about that story you'll have to ask me.  Its too complicated to type up.)  We also toured the St. George Temple Visitors Center.  The kids were excited to be able to touch the Temple wall as well. 
This Friday and Saturday while Mom and I were in Las Vegas for a well needed girls weekend with my sister, Dad/Grandpa spent the weekend with the kids.  After coming back and hearing about all the events of their weekend I believe they had more fun than we did.

They started the weekend off with a trip to the library where they checked out Swiss Family Robinson movie.  Tyler had recently read it and wanted to see the movie.  Then for lunch they went to Chuck-O-Rama with Great Grandma and Grandpa.  The kids enjoyed their visit and all the food.  Hannah ended the dinner with a 8 inch tall bowl of ice cream covered in sprinkles and strawberry and the other two had root beer floats.

Later that day they went swimming at the local rec center for a few hours.  Then came home for dinner and a movie night.

Saturday the girls put together a Mickey Mouse puzzle and Tyler and Grandpa put together a wooden covered wagon. 

 They cooked hot dogs over a fire for lunch with Great Grandma and Grandpa.  Tyler was proud that he got to cook Great Grandma's hot dog.  They then spent the evening with a babysitter while Grandpa had some church meetings.

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