Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Things Friday

So here are five random things that have been going on here lately:

1. We were all talking one day at dinner about being pretty. So I decided to tease Tyler and called him pretty. He objected by saying, "I'm not pretty. I'm awesome!"

2. Karena and Hannah have both started new activities this past month. Karena has started guitar lessons. She loves it and is doing quite well. She is now learning that she has to practice and practicing is not as fun as lessons. Hannah is doing gymnastics. I think she actually likes it better than dance. We've been working on not saying I can't. For a few days I annoyed her by calling her "Cannah" to encourage more of a "I can" attitude. I told her I'd quit calling her Cannah when she quit saying "I can't" all the time. So far it seems to be working.

3. We have discovered that certain TV shows in our home make my children argue and fight. Since eliminating those shows they get along much better.

4. The kids and I are all learning to crochet. Some are taking to it more than others.

5. This is the month of field trips. So far we've gone to the zoo to learn about Rainforests and visited the Tennessee State Museum to see an ancient Egypt exhibit. Next week we're going to the Purity Dairy to learn how they make ice cream. In a few weeks we get to go to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

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Michaela Stephens said...

What a great list! Love the "Cannah" thing! And that's very perceptive that you noticed certain TV shows increase contention in your home. Wouldn't it be great if all parents noticed that kind of thing and made changes accordingly? (sigh)