Saturday, April 09, 2011


Ism #1: (This is NOT an announcement, by the way.)

Tyler: Mommy, I think you should have another baby. I want a brother or sister.

Me: Well, Tyler, why don't you pray and ask Heavenly Father about that?

Tyler: No, Mommy! That's your job!

Ism #2: Walking through Sam's

Tyler: Mommy, you need to get some new pants.

Me: Why? (Suddenly realizing what he means.) Oh because they're too short?

Tyler: Yeah!!

Me: They're called capris. They're supposed to be short.

(He's been growing so fast that he's been hearing his pants are too short a lot lately.)

Ism #3: Sitting at lunch - A very profound one!

Karena: Mommy, I feel like I don't have anything special.

Me: Like what?

Karena: Well, I don't know. Just something special.

Tyler: The thing about things you get that are special is that the first day they are special. The next day they are about half special and the day after that they aren't very special.

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Desert Chronicles said...

I should make a collection of the sayings of your children over the years. I have some good ones that shouldn't be forgotten. Ken/Dad/Grandpa