Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Activities

Friday began our Easter activities. We had our annual egg dyeing celebration. I always wish we had more eggs to color but one family can only have so many hard boiled eggs. The kids always have fun participating and I'm impressed with how creative they try to be. Even Tyler who is so hard to get to sit still through a whole craft project is often the last one done when it comes to coloring eggs.

Friday night the Easter bunny came to pay us a visit. (By the way - if anyone can tell me the significance of a bunny bringing eggs at Easter I'd really appreciate it. None of my kids nor myself get it. Santa I get, but not the Easter bunny.) Anywho - a friend of mine (Thanks, Maren!) introduced me to the Saturday morning Easter bunny. It leaves Sunday free for what and Who we are truly celebrating. (See this post for my feelings about Easter.) The kids were just fine with it. Karena actually had a whole conversation with a neighbor friend about it that afternoon.

We started with the Easter baskets. The kids had taken it upon themselves to write the Easter bunny letters. Tyler asked for a blue egg with a train in it. The Easter bunny was quite fortunate to stumble upon that very thing when it was hopping through Target the very next day!

Hannah was quite impressed with her new package of underpants. She proudly announced Sunday morning at lunch that she was so excited to be wearing her new flip flop underpants. "They feel great!" I quickly asked her to try and not mention underpants at church that day.

After breakfast we had our egg hunt. John swears he say a huge bunny hopping off into the forest. "Wink. Wink." Tyler kept asking him if he REALLY saw a bunny, what he looked liked, what color he was, and even what he sounded like. I think he's had one too many people try and hoodwink him.

Tyler and Hannah were like speeding trains through the whole hunt. (I've finally realized why almost all of my pictures of Tyler are blurry. He won't be still. It's like trying to take a picture of a hummingbird.)

Hannah managed to collect every egg sitting in last years garden.

Karena was methodical and a lot slower than the others but she managed to find all the tricky ones. The other two were going so fast they missed a lot.

When Karena found one she certainly kicked it into high gear.

Sunday was a nice day! We had some friends over for dinner and got to enjoy some yummy food! Unfortunately the only thing I took a picture of Sunday was the dessert! But it is a delicious picture.

That's a homemade turtle cheescake. Oreo & pecan crust, a layer of homemade caramel, cheesecake, and pecans with caramel and chocolate drizzles on top. My friend convinced me to take a picture. It tasted as good as it looks!


Solveig said...

Love the pics. I'm still trying to figure out the significance of the Easter Bunny myself. We've talked about doing the Easter baskets on Saturday, too...I think that's a good idea.

I really wish I could have tried that dessert! It looks fantastic!

J. L. Atwood said...

Very impressive that you found such a specific bunny delivery request as Tyler's train inside an egg! Your kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. Do they ever re-hide the eggs from each other to it again? Nice to be able to doo ir outdoors. You guys did it once at my home (indoors) and left one unfound under the base of a lamp. Lots of fun later.

I've wondered if the bunny delivering eggs had to do with spring and new life emerging rather than anything to do with the true meaning of Easter.