Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loving This is Easy

I recently received a copy of Sarah McLachlan's newest album "Laws of Illusion" to review. I've loved Sarah McLachlan for a long time but I also don't usually like albums by one artists. I get a little bored listening to the same style of music over and over. So even after listening to a few tracks off the album I was a little skeptical about liking a whole album. This album did not disappoint me at all! I love the feel of the music and the flow of the lyrics. "Loving You is Easy" has a catchy tune and lyrics that I enjoy singing to myself. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Nicole said...

I bought this album on iTunes being a long time Sarah McLachlan fan myself. You said you got a copy to review. How did you do that?

Rachel said...

Sorry Nicole it took me so long. I belong to the One2One network. They help spread the word about new products by sending them out to their members early to review. Go to to sign up.