Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Word

Tyler sorta read his first word yesterday. After ball practice we went out to dinner. He started sounding out the letters of the restaurant that were printed on the stool next to him. At first he read, "ttt - ah - ah - ttt - sss." Then after a little prompting he read, "ttt - ew - ttt - sss. TOOTS!!" He was so excited. How lucky we are that the first word my little boy trys to read is "Toots!"


Amy said...

Yea for the word "toots". I'm proud of him too!!

Nicole said...

What a perfect first word for a boy. Is the restaurant really called Toots? Looking forward to seeing you and the kids in St. George soon.

Solveig said...

I think that is awesome! Tyler is the best!