Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving day was a nice relaxing day here at our house. We had some friends come over for the afternoon.

The pre-dinner entertainment. The kids introduced Mel and Sunshine to the Wii.

I had made most of the food a day or two before. We had:

1. Sweet potato casserole with a pecan, butter, brown sugar and Honey Bunches of Oats topping.
2. Mashed potatoes made with sour cream and cream cheese. I made them the day before and baked them before the dinner. They tasted like twice baked potatoes!
3. Carrots in a brown sugar/butter glaze
4. Corn
5. Rolls, Pickles, Olives, and Cranberry Sauce. The four favorite kid foods on the table.
6. Dressing. This is from my hero The Pioneer Woman. Her website/blog has quickly become one of my favorites. (She recently came out with her first cookbook. I would love to own it. Hint, hint.) Its made with cornbread and french bread. I even made both of those myself. Lots of herbs and stock. It reminded me of the bread at Macaroni Grill. I liked it so much I had it for breakfast this morning.

7. And the highlight of the meal:

It looks a little charred. Okay, a lot charred. But underneath that rough exterior was a moist, tender and oh so delicious bird. It was one of my favorite turkey's I've ever eaten.

8. For dessert we had PIE! Apple, Mincemeat, and Pecan. Our friends brought the apple and mincemeat. I made the pecan. Again it was from The Pioneer Woman. John declared it delicious!!! It was incredibly easy to make. The kids enjoyed the mincemeat and the apple. The rest of us enjoyed, well, all of them.

We were able to talk to Mom, Dad, Amy and Justin and many of my cousins over skype. We all enjoyed talking and seeing everyone.


Tracy said...

My friend got me the Pioneer Woman cookbook for my birthday!! I'm also in love with all her recipes. My favorite is the burger but I put the onion strings on is to die for!!! My friend thinks I should blog about it as I have probably tried half of all her recipes:)

Carrie said...

Did you get wood floors in the living room? Looks pretty!

Rachel said...

Carrie, we did get wood floors. I love them! So much easier to clean and I think they look pretty, too. Thanks!