Monday, November 16, 2009

The Chronicles of Halloween

Halloween is a year long event in our home. The next years Halloween costumes begin the design process as we are traipsing around collecting candy from strangers we would otherwise never let our children talk to.

This year the kids had all decided they would be a member of the Imagination Movers. Tyler wanted to be Smitty because he had a guitar. Karena was going to be Nina because their names rhymed. Hannah was going to be Warehouse Mouse. I figured Karena's and Hannah's costumes would be easy. I finally bought a pattern and fabric for Tyler's costume and cut it all out. After 3 mistakes and 3 sessions of seam ripping I set it aside for a breather.

During that breather Hannah and Tyler changed their mind. Never mind that they had discussed these costumes for exactly 49 weeks of the past year. I also convinced Karena to change her costume, too. (Truthfully I was very nervous no one would know who she was and it would hurt her feelings.) After several trips to the store to determine that yes, indeed, Halloween costumes are extremely over-priced I decided to make the costumes.

Hannah wanted to be a Disney princess. After several of her choices were nixed by me we settled on Snow White. I really enjoyed making her dress. It was nice to see her wearing it and know I made it. I also liked knowing it might actually last more than 2 or 3 wearings before seams start coming apart as so many other of our previously store bought costumes.

Karena's second choice was a My Little Pony. Unfortunately her very uncool Mommy does not pay attention to the different colors of the ponies. Which began an hour long battle over what I was willing to spend on her costume to make her look like the BLUE one. After a trip to Wal-mart (my least favorite place to take kids or myself) we finally settled on a $5 cat costume.

Tyler wanted to be Batman. It didn't matter that he had no idea who or what Batman was. He had a Batman toy and wanted to be Batman. After consulting with my sewing guru (Thanks Mom!) I decided to make/buy his costume. I luckily found a Batman t-shirt at Old Navy that he can wear for a while. I got an adult vampire cape from CVS for free!!! (My love affair with CVS is a story for another post.) I bought a black toboggan for the hat. After resizing the cape I took the leftover material and made ears for the hat.

Now that you have heard the complicated and long winded story of the costumes please enjoy some pictures of the many Halloween parties and events we attended.

Ward Trunk or Treat

Collecting candy after playing the games

A few good action shots

Tyler didn't know the games were over. He saw his favorite game unmanned and decided he was going to be in charge!

Tyler and his friend held hands the entire time they went "Hallway treating." It was raining too hard to go trunk-or-treating.

Enjoying the fruits of their labors!

Girl Scout activity

Trick or Treating

It was 40 degrees outside. Bundling up was required.
(Tyler has on his warm clothes under his costume. It added a few "muscles" for Batman.)

I have really no idea what he's doing here. Actually I rarely know what the boy is doing.

I have lipstick on my nose!

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The Addled Brain said...

I can't even imagine 40 degree on Halloween. 40 degrees is pretty cold for Christmas here. Eben though I hate the summers in Vegas, the winters aren't too bad. It's still cold here to me, but I have no other experience of cold to go off of. The costumes are adorable. Tyler's costume is so creative. :)