Sunday, July 12, 2009

My birthday: Part 1 (Mom always said I could stretch my birthday out for a week.)

Thursday was my birthday. I was looking forward to the day. The kids went to VBS in the morning and so I spent a quiet morning watching a movie and sewing. I talked to several friends and family members that day wishing me happy birthday. Thanks everyone! That evening after John got home from work we all went out to eat. I wavered back and forth between Mimi's and Macaroni Grill. Thankfully they are located right next to each other. I didn't have to decide until we got there. All day the kids were making suggestions as to where they thought I would like to eat. Tyler wanted me to go to Red Robin. Hannah wanted me to go to Dairy Queen. Karena told me I could go anywhere I wanted. Thank you, Karena. I finally decided on Mimi's Cafe to eat.
Its one of my favorite places. I ordered a grilled shrimp and asparagus dish with a strawberry and lettuce salad. It was excellent!

After eating they brought me my birthday cake/pie.

John and the kids sang me Happy Birthday and Tyler ended it with "Cha, cha, cha." That has now become their ending to any birthday song. I think its something they learned in pre-school.

John got me a new Wii remote and some peanut butter. (If you want to know why the pb ask me later but I assure you its one of those you had to be there things. But it was still really funny.)

Oh and for all you Wii afficienados that is an after market remote and is cheaper and works just fine. He got it at Wal-mart. After we got home and got the kiddos to bed we had fun beating each other on the Wii.

Part 2 later. I'm really tired and have got to go to bed.

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