Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming lessons

The kids have been in swimming lessons for the past two weeks at Ms. Sue's Swimming. They have loved it! Parents were not allowed to watch during the lessons. I enjoyed the time chatting with the other moms (I actually got a new piano student from one of the other families there) but I did not enjoy melting in the heat waiting for them.

The last day the parents were allowed to watch the kids show off all their new skills. I was amazed at how good the kids did. To all you that may watch my kids and think they aren't that amazing compared to the other ones let me give you a picture of how it was two weeks ago. Hannah has always been a little fish but didn't like to float on her back. Tyler would freak out if he got water in his face at all and would never (I mean never) try to lay on his back in the water. Karena wouldn't lay on her back in the water either. As you'll see they really overcame their fears and may actually be on their way to floating by themselves. John assures me that Addison's can't float. I'm determined to prove him wrong.

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