Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tyler is sick again

Tyler just got over strep and now I think he has an ear infection and pink eye. We'll get it confirmed tomorrow at the doctor. He just tears me up when he's sick.

Here's why:

The girls do pretty good when they're sick. They're whiny but not too bad. They enjoy laying around and watching movies, reading books and taking naps in mommy's bed (a treat they enjoy only when they're sick).

On the other hand, Tyler is so usually full of non-stop, full-force energy that when he gets sick it stops him in his tracks and he just crashes. Its overly pitiful. It just breaks my heart. Tonight I was putting him to bed for the third time. He'd woken up twice crying and holding his ear. He was so sweet and sad. "Mommy, can I have one more kiss and hug? Mommy, can you scratch my back? Mommy, I love you. Mommy, good night." John and Grandad gave him a blessing the last time he woke up. I got him some ibuprofen and a drink of water.

I hate having sick kids, not because of the illness, but because I feel completely helpless. I do not like not being able to fix it with just a kiss and a hug.

So to conclude with words from one of Tyler's favorite books, "Firefighters to the Rescue", (I've got it memorized) I "will watch and wait and pray and then. . ."

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