Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day One in Indiana

We left for Indiana on Thursday morning. We stopped and picked up Mom and were headed on our way. The kids were pretty good the whole way. Thank goodness for portable DVD players.

We got to Brady and Solveig's around 6pm. The kids had to see the whole house and were quite excited to finally see a basement! After a great dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread (no sauce for Tyler) it was bed time for the kids. Let's just say if I ever repeat that night it will be too soon. Everyone was too tired, wound up, and excited to be here that they couldn't settle down. It was too dark for Tyler, too light for Hannah and too uncomfortable for Karena.

Here are some of the days highlights:
  • Listening to Tyler sing songs like a broken record - over and over and over again
  • Being amazed at the damage the ice storm did in KY and how far north the damage went
  • Talking to Mom on the way up
  • Not hitting any rain the entire drive
  • The kids freaking out when we drove through Nashville, Indiana (30 minutes from Uncle Brady's) and we told them we were back in Nashville
  • Hearing the beginning to Barbie Mariposa 3 times because it kept getting restarted
  • Having the kids talk to Daddy before bed on the cell phone
  • Seeing Uncle Brady and Aunt Solveig!

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