Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last Monday was President's Day. Dad and John both had it off so we decided to all get together and do something fun. We had planned to go to this awesome playground up in Gallatin but the weather turned a little too cool to enjoy a day at the park. So we went to plan B - Bowling.

The kids had never been bowling before and it had been years since John and I had been. I was pitiful. Apparently Wii bowling does not prepare you for actual bowling.

The kids did a great job.

Tyler was terrified of getting close to the line and making it buzz. We eventually got a ramp for him to use. The girls did a great job.

I think Tyler was more excited about watching the ball come back into the ball return than actually rolling the ball down the lane.

Final Scores:

Me: 47
Tyler: 51
Karena: 54
Hannah: 56
John: 69
Dad: 103
Mom: 115


Carrie said...

47?..oh no, I don't think I would have published that for the entire internet to see! Bowling is so much fun for the family though. We go about once a month too. If you go during the day, you get a free game when you buy lunch there. It turns out to cost about the same to just bowl or to bowl and eat lunch it is!

The Baros Family said...

Wow, You are an impressive bowler! Looks like fun though.

Tracy said...

Wow..way to go Auntie Bev!!